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How to set up your first EZ Flash 4 IV [TUTORIAL]


In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to setup your EZ flash IV 4 flashcard the simple way. Simply follow the steps below…

I recommend you get a micro SD 16 GB so you’ll never have to worry about saturated memory but anyways it all depends on you having, say, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB of memory is more than just fine.

Setting up the EZ Flash 4 IV is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1.First you will need to format your memory micro SD.


2.Download the latest kernel / firmware from their official website HERE or here if that doesn’t work MIRROR.

3.Unzip the downloaded file and copy ezfla_up.bin to your microSD card root (DO NOT PUT IT INSIDE ANY FOLDER!)

4.Put the microSD inside your EZ-FLASH and then put the flash card inside your GBA.

5.Turn on your GBA and hold down R until you get a black screen with some text and a line which has a percentage, let it sit and when it finishes you can reset your gba, your flash cart is now up to date!


Putting games on your EZ-FLASH

The whole reason you got your EZ-FLASH is to play games on it right? But you can’t just drag and drop the games into your memory card, you have to patch them first or else they won’t work. I can’t tell you where or how to get the games because that is 100% illegal, but if you search the “game you want”+rom on google you’ll probably be able to download it. Alternatively, you can dump your own cartridges, but you’ll have to buy some not so legal adapters.

1.Download the EZ4 client from the OFFICIAL SITE or MIRROR

2.Unzip it wherever you want and open EZ4_Client.exe

3.Press config and on the “Send Path” field choose your microSD

4.Press open and select the roms you want on your card(you can select more than one rom if you press Ctrl while selecting them).

5.Press enter and click on the send button. The roms will be patched and sent to your SD card, now you can put the card in the flashcart and play the games on your gameboy.

Try not to select more than 20 roms at a time, the client tends to crash if you do so

If you want to have more than 78 roms on your sd card you have to create multiple folders in your sd card and put at most 78 roms in each.



Change your flash card’s language

Because the EZ-Flash is made in china, everything is in chinese, but this is an easy fix.

1.Put your EZ-FLASH with the sd card on it on your GBA and start it.

2.A menu with four icons on the left should appear, select the third from the top.

3.Select the first option

4.Select the second option. Your EZ Flash is now in English!


Change your flashcart’s theme

By now you may have noticed that the default theme on the EZ-Flash is very, VERY ugly, reminds me of windows 98.
You can change that by updating your flashcart’s kernel(the first topic on this tutorial) but instead of using the default kernel that is provided on the site(which I also provided), you can use a kernel that has a different theme in it. You can also make themes!

Here’s a theme I found online which runs kernel 1.75(works fine with your cart):
Author’s link

This is how the theme looks:

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